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I have a presence in  the US in Food Service. Do I have a potential  in Retail?

 I am a European brand, how can I adapt my marketing and sales pitch to the American market?

Our company is celebrating its 5th anniversary in the USA. How can you help me organize and promote this event?

I am not present in the US yet, I would like to develop my business  there, how can you help me?

Olivia is an epicurean. Passionate about gastronomy, her refined taste and curiosity have led her towards working with leading French and international chefs and prestigious brands.

After graduating from business school, Olivia worked for luxury fashion brands in Paris.  It was there, while working with Michelin-starred chefs, that she discovered a true passion for haute cuisine, savoir-faire and excellence. Her collaboration with the talented twin POURCEL chefs in the south of France took her to China and Indonesia, where she spent several years managing exceptional projects and events. 

While in China, she joined the team at VALRHONA and became Country Manager, where she was in charge of developing the business of the brand, implementing strategies, training and leading the sales team, and coordinating prestigious events. This experience finally brought her to New York. 

Today, with her strong business development background in promoting gastronomy around the globe, and through the creation of Gourmet and the City, Olivia continues to strengthen her expertise in promoting luxury food brands in an insatiable American market.

Tenaya is a citizen of the world! Born in Colombia from a Swedish/French mom and French dad, she grew up in Peru and Mexico and came back to France to finish her studies.

After graduating EM LYON - business school - where she specialized in Marketing, Tenaya worked at L'OREAL and MOET HENNESSY in Paris. Her interest for international business, specifically in the domain of wine, gastronomy, and French savoir-faire, made her move to New York six years ago. There she worked for LIGNE ROSET and developed a passion for design. 

She then worked for REVOL PORCELAINE in both sales and marketing, as the VP of sales. While travelling across the country, she  developed the retail channel of their American subsidiary, including small independent gourmet and retail stores, large accounts and internet dealers. She developed the new e-commerce website of the brand and she built a marketing program adapted to the US market.

Today, with her extensive knowledge of the American houseware market, her network and experience, and through the creation of Gourmet and the City, Tenaya continues to grow her expertise for brands seeking success in America.

We, Olivia & Tenaya, decided to ally our forces to create Gourmet and the City. We are both passionate about our work and we share common values. We believe business is about relationships, passion, hard work and aligned visions. 

OUR services


What are your needs? Objectives? Budget? ​

We determine the framework together and roll out the strategy by:

Analyzing market potential and building an action plan

Defining the channels, target, positioning and decision makers

Providing brand management support

Sales support


Define local actors & distributors

Build sales strategy & manage sales force

Monitor sales tools

Logistic support through our local partners

Tradeshow support, territory visits

Web support

Marketing & Communication

Create marketing plan 

Adapt marketing tools 

Target the most effective communication channels

Video project: publicity, corporate, recipes, Chef driven video 

Event planning


Product launch

Corporate events

Team building & holiday parties

Conception and execution

We understand the challenges of European companies working in an American environment​. Based in NYC, the city that never sleeps, we are up on the latest trends.

Our high level of industry experience & personal feedback, associated with a strong network of experts in the industry, make us the perfect partner to either start or grow your business in the American food or tabletop industry.

From punctual support on specific projects to medium and long-term guidance, we bring external insight,

positive energy and specialized expertise.

We provide a step by step and cost efficient approach to your development in the US with limited risk.

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Our mission

Gourmet and the City, we offer personalized expertise for companies in the Gourmet* and Table Top** industry who are launching and developing their business in the U.S. market. We guide you in you business expansion in food service and retail markets.

*High end gourmet foods, terroir products, delicatessen

**High-end manufactured kitchenware and accessories, specialty goods

Brands with a strong ‘SAVOIR-FAIRE’, niche market


"The two secrets of success : Quality and Creativity."

- Paul Bocuse -

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